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Ever heard of a “cull hunt”? It simply means, for whatever the reason, the environment cannot sustain proper life for a particular species based upon the current count. Usually it means a dry season has been the case, thus inadequate vegetation, which is the case on a particular parcel. And lest it not be understood clearly, zero of this protein goes to waste, all are processed and consumed, unless you happen to run into a Baboon, ha. Anyway, you couldn’t be in better hands, our long time buddy, Wolma Kemp (Kempy), offers to winning bidder, a 5 day hunt for one (do not worry for a second should a partner wish to join you, just arrange with Kempy), where you’ll harvest 3 Common Springbok (way cool to observe in the wild), 2 Common Blesbok (a very unique look I think), 2 Impala (the most handsome cape of all plains game in my opinion), and 1 Warthog (which are so ugly, they’re cute). Someone is about to have the trip of their life, do not hesitate on this, perfect starter experience at the least. Please go to africaanywaysafaris.com, have a good look about.

We Thank Africa Anyway Safaris (Kempy proprietor) for this 100% Donation!

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