Ohio Whitetail Hunt

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I cannot state in clearer terms, the opportunities for the finest Whitetails take place at Briarwood Sporting Club in Bellefontaine, OH., just a couple hours south and east of Ft. Wayne. All aspects of this hunt are 5 Star, confirmed easy enough on google and Facebook reviews. Heck, just ask any of our members having, most recently Dan Weimer and his daughter, Madison, here tonight. With the demand we find on our time, yet the passion we have for Whitetail hunting, this 440 acres of simply perfect encompassed hunting environment is for you. Many of our members have enjoyed this hunt, and, return again and again, can personally confirm the hospitality and accommodations are off the charts. This hunt is for 2 hunters, 3 days/4 nights, for 2 Whitetail. Included are daily fees, lodging, meals & beverages, guiding service, transportations to taxidermist and or meat prep. facility should that be desired, as well as, a $1,000 credit per hunter, towards the mature animal that presents itself and or decided upon. Method of take is at hunter’s choice, to occur between September 15th– December 19th 2019 or 2020. Taxidermy fees and or its ultimate shipping cost to destination, as well as guide gratuities, by hunter. Please visit briarwoodclub.com for more information and gallery, or call, 937-593-8045.

We Thank Chris Daniels and Briarwood Sporting Club For This Donation!

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