Black Bear Hunt

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Anyone with an array of hunting adventures will near always confirm, Black Bear was early in their pursuits, I suppose because Canada is such a fine opportunity to do so. This experience takes place 10 hours north, north of Sault Ste Marie, 40 miles southeast of Chapeau, Ontario, near a very small village of Sultan, for 4 persons.  Regular rate is $1800 each, utilizing a lease of 400,000 acres, with over 100 lakes to enjoy fishing (part of the deal), with 50 + pre-baited stands managed by outfitter to hunt, having a very healthy amount of Black Bear, as well as a few Wolves have been harvested.  A self-guided adventure, meaning, bring your own food, but we have the dishes. Bring your ATV or cross-country motorbike and explore. Check-in is Sunday afternoon, check-out is Friday morning, meaning, at least 8 “hunts” to hunt, maybe 9. Season is June 1 to September 30. Lodging is Cabins, hot water showers via propane, albeit outhouse facilities. Cabins themselves are adjacent to a 500-acre lake with plenty of average to smaller Walleye and Pike. For add’l information, go to

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