African Plains Trophy Hunt

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This is a 7-day hunt for 5 animals, (no worries, arrangements can easily be made for as many who care to join you), to harvest 1 Impala (iconic plains game mount), 1 Common Blesbok, 1 Common Springbok, 1 Warthog, and, a choice between 1 Cape Kudu, or 1 Gemsbok, both of these are fantastic trophies. This is with our buddy, Wolma Kemp (Kempy), we’re not able to issue a higher recommendation. Bid early, bid often, this will be a “blast” for someone. For more information, go to, please visit with Kempy the evenings of our Outfitter/Banquet weekend, ask anything you wish, do not hesitate.

We Thank Wolma Kemp/Africa Anyway Safaris for this 100% Donation!

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