2 Cape Buffalo in South Africa

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Have you ever thought about harvesting a Cape Buffalo? We did, for years. And no one wants to do that hunt alone, would much rather spend it with a buddy, a wife, a grandson, whatever. Therefore, for the first time, we have an outfitter enjoyed by many chapter members, offering 2 Cape Buffalo, in South Africa, where taxidermy paths are more reasonable by the way. I confess, there is a reserve, but that reserve has been negotiated, at least reasonable, given the equation. Anyone who doesn’t have the rifle, the ammunition, the paraphernalia, you can borrow ours, promise, but don’t let this opportunity go by, will never be more affordable. Please take time to visit with our friend, DeWet (pronounced Dee Vet here in the states), ask anything you wish, a great hunt, couldn’t ask for a more pleasurable guide.

We Thank DeWet Hunting Safaris and SCINEI for this Arrangement

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