SafariCare – Blue Bag Brigade

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Dan Weimer and his son, Colton Weimer delivered a Blue Bag to children in Africa in June 2018.


Dale & Alex Budzon Deliver a Blue Bag to a school in Africa in May of 2012.

The members of Safari Club International regularly deliver SafariCare Blue Bags to remote communities around the world. The Blue Bags are filled with items such as medical & school supplies, clothing, books, toys and other items. The program began in 1996 when SCI members delivered mosquito nets and other medical supplies to remote villagers in Namibia. The Northeast Indiana Chapter of SCI is proud to be a part of this humanitarian effort.


Jim Mercer Delivers a Blue Bag to a school in Africa in April of 2012.

Want to help with our Blue Bag efforts, but can’t make a trip overseas? Donate any of the items on our Blue Bag List by calling Amanda at 260-437-4133. Your items will be included in a Blue Bag on an upcoming trip, and you’ll be helping SCI – Northeast Indiana make a positive impact on people all around the world.


May 2011 – SCI NEI member Kent York presents a Blue Bag to a school in South Africa.

Have an interesting story about your Blue Bag experience? Please let us know. Email your story and photos to and we might post it on this page, like the one below!

April, 2009 – Phalaborwa, South Africa
Kent York & Steve Tippmann
(a letter to SCI-NEI Chapter President Dale Budzon)


Dear Dale, 

I wish to take this opportunity to share with you and all our chapter members the experience Steve Tippmann and I participated in while delivering several Blue Bags, a part of our SafariCare Program. Steve and I traveled to the nation of South Africa to harvest our first Cape Buffalos. In as much as that was memorable, so was our visit to an orphanage in the town of Phalaborwa, on the extreme west edge of Kruger National Park, which as you know is generally in the northeast corner of that nation, adjacent to Zimbabwe and Mozambique, and not at all far from Botswana.

Our chapter as you know collaborated in filling 5 Blue bags recently, with nearly all items from the list represented well. We chose an orphanage after discussing their plight with our kitchen employee at one of our lodges. These children, approximately 50, many of which themselves have the AIDS Virus, and many of their parents are deceased from that same virus. Quite disturbing when you hear some of the associated facts with this epidemic. The whole face of this nation and continent is rapidly changing as a result of this plague.

However, the faces Steve and I saw that morning were beautiful, clean, well mannered, happy faces. We stood around getting through the brief language barrier, and frankly, candy cut through that hurdle rapidly. The 5 women and 1 male adults who stayed with these children continually organized the more functional gifts, like combs, band aids, anti-bacterial ointments, books, etc., while the children sang songs to us. We all ended up smiling, laughing, clapping, just a joy to all our hearts having been a part of it. 

We all wish to “do good” in this world, it’s our nature. But knowing what to do, and to whom shall receive our best efforts is not always clear. I thank those who had the foresight to initiate a program that includes these Blue Bag Care packages, as I can now vouch wholeheartedly for their effectiveness, and will look forward to similar experiences being a continued part of our chapter’s humanitarian endeavors.

I leave you with a few pictures from our experience, one Steve and I will not soon forget.


Kent York
SCI Northeast Indiana Chapter